My Story

Growing in a bilingual home hearing, speaking, and responding to the world in English, Spanish, and inevitably as was my case, Spanglish.To be bilingual is a daily heritage I'm proud of, one of the greatest gifts I have ever known. Life as a result, can be one of experiences of extremes on a daily basis. On the one hand, the perceived dissolution of identity,confusing for the varying degrees of conduct,culture,and language required between two worlds, perhaps most evidenced in those moments  when I feel neither fluent nor articulate enough to express anything in English or in Spanish. On the other hand, there are those times when feel richly laden with vocabulary, sense of place, understanding, sentiment, and belonging. Navigating between  comfortability and confusion always calls for adaptation, flexibility, and the faith that these challenges equip me only in the most positive of ways. These experiences have long inspired figures who appears and re-appears in my visual work role or representation as being exclusively self referential. The influences in my work are derived from the traditional Mexican artist such as Maria Izquierdo, French artist Henry Rousseau and the Dada movement artists such as Hannah Hoch.